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Welcome newcomers, please introduce yourself!

Welcome to the Range Rover Forum. Please take a moment and introduce yourself, tell us what you currently drive or just say "Hi".[welcome]

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Hi all,
Just taking a moment to say hi! Not new to Rover ownership my first time venture was with a 2001 Disco 2 sold in February 2022. Missed it after 2 weeks and ended up with a 2007 sport HSE LUX with 133k. Purchased on the cheap 5K. Invested in new drive shafts, engine mounts, brakes, wheels and tires, replaced upper and lower control arms, rear air bags, sway bar bushings and replaced all the fluids. I completed all of the work myself 2 years after having C1 and C2 spinal fusion after breaking my neck. The time and money has been well worth it as the L320 is a joy to drive both on and off road. Hope to share some of my experiences with you all and hopefully learn some things along the way.
I have just done what most people would consider a foolish move and Purchased a L322 with a flattened front suspension to be picked up this weekend, again on the cheap… more to come..
Thanks for allowing me to join your community!
Hi Everyone,
Bought my 1st 2005 RRV a couple of weeks ago. Mechanically it's sound, I have no media (radio, TV, CD) will be a wee project to get it back to normal.

Chat soon... lol

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Got a 2006 RRS. Always loved the boxy shape. And the heritage of the Land Rover. Here to learn how to maintain it and keep it running.