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P00C6-00 (AC) Fuel Rail Pressure Too Low (Cranking)


New member

I have this 2016 Range Rover 90k mile, and out of warranty. Therefore, I am trying to resolve this on my own without spending a fortune at the dealer.

Every time I have the truck sitting in the sun for three hours or so when it's time to start it, there's a hesitation on starting. It takes about 3 seconds more than usual to start, sounds like a bad starter or bad fuel pump.

I think it is a bad fuel pump because the error before that was the low-pressure fuel pump.

The RRS came with 2 fuel pumps. I have no idea, which is the low-pressure fuel pump. I would like to change the two fuel pumps if I can find the part numbers.

However, if someone has the solution for these two error codes, I will greatly appreciate the help.