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Stability Control & HDC Not available. Gear Box Fault. Relay Clicking on a L494.


New member
Relay Clicking on the Passenger Cargo Side. Stability Control & HDC Not available. Gear Box Fault.

For the past 2 weeks. The clicking got worse in the morning, or if the car has been sitting for a while. Then a lesser amount of clicking when moving from a Stop Sign or Traffic Lights.
The Relay Clicking sound comes from the Passenger Cargo Fuse Box Side of Range Rover Sport L494.

Some fault codes Readings:

U0402-92 Invalid data received from transmission failure.

U 3003-17 (2E) Battery Voltage - General Electrical Failure- Circuit Voltage Above Threshold (Note the Main battery is fairly new)
I cannot locate the Start/Stop Battery supposedly next to Rear Fuse Box in that same cargo compartment.

U0001-81 (2E) High-Speed CAN Communication bus.

U0028-87 (2E) Vehicle Communication Bus A

B1412-96 (AF) Quiescent Relay Box Component Failure (This Fault is over a year and a half old)


New member
I'm having a similar issue...mine is more battery related (I think)
I replaced the main battery and start/stop battery. The start stop battery i bought is the OEM Jaguar/LR version, The main battery is AGM Diehard H8 950CCA.

I get the battery icon on the dash and charging fault a few secs (15-20) after crank. The car runs great as I have driven to Florida, Atlanta, Alabama and back to Atlanta with no issues.

I had the vehicle scanned and the Alternator voltage was normal as the battery voltage was normal according to the scanner. The mechanic even did a battery test and those also passed.

I had the same faults you had but the tech cleared them from memory.

However, I notice when the car is about to "not crank" I hear a clicking noise coming from the passenger compartment where the start/stop battery is.

I went and bought another main batter just in case, swapped it out and still get the battery icon and charging fault.