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Rover Restoration

Hi there,
Obviously a newbie here,
Names Chris, I'm from Papua New Guinea, not far from Australia.
As per the topic I am currently looking for engine parts to restore a Range Rover Classic, as it has been sitting idle for 20 plus years, and as much as I love to sit back and watch it deteriorate I really cant let that happen and so I took on the challenge to restore the whole vehicle, but before any body work can be done I want to fire up the engine which is a V8 3.5L unleaded. engine and gearbox still in tact but overtime the gasket seal had worn out and so water started to sip into the engine and seized the whole engine. I'm currently after a complete overhaul kit or anything almost near new to fire up this engine. I would really appreciate it if you guys help with any available parts or anything that could be of use.