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Ranger Rover 2005. Key does not turn, weird barcode on dash, no lights inside, can't open trunk


New member
Yesterday afternoon I discovered that I can't turn the ignition key; when I open the door (it was unlocked) there is no light coming from inside; I can't open the trunk or roll down any window, and most importantly there is a very weird barcode type thing on the dash where it shows odometer/mileage/temp - see the photo below..

I tried:

- remove fuse 18 and put it back - no change
- disconnect the negative terminal from the battery, and put it back - no change. In past BTW, it could hear a spark from connecting the terminal, but not now.

I connected the battery maintainer (not the charger) to the battery, while it is disconnected. After leaving on 750 ma charging, after 16 hours (so like after 12 ah) it still shows that the battery is being charged.

So my questions:

1. What the hell it is?
2. Is it battery, alternator, fuse, steering column or whatever related?
3. What should I do?