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P400 Mild Hybrid “Flutter”


New member
Hi there,

Been trying to search for any posts on this but can’t find anything relevant.

Has anyone else with the P400 mild hybrid noticed what I call lumpiness but JLR are calling flutter on a light or constant throttle?

At motorway speeds it feels like there’s a constant vibration coming through the drivetrain (it disappears if I knock it into neutral). And at slow creeping speeds, such as when trying to park, it’s quite a pronounced jerkiness - to the point it makes trying to manoeuvre a right pain.

It disappears when you floor it but I can’t really drive round on full throttle all day!

It’s been in the garage a week and they say they’ve managed to improve it by replacing the VVT solenoids but it’s still there and an issue that JLR are aware of and working on. So it’s coming home for me to wait for an answer.


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