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Engine Replacement Bad Experience Crooked Repair Shop


New member
I am having a terrible experience with a Repair Shop . I think they're trying to swindle me into more money.

At First, I took the car for a tune-up, and they told me that the car needed a water pump replacement, even though I told them that the car had a water pump replacement less than a year ago. It cost me $1,700.Soon after there was a leak, and when I took the car back, they told me that the engine wouldn't turn. I was forced to buy an engine online because they wanted $20,000 for an engine.

Instead, I got an engine and took it to them. They installed it for $3,000.00, then yesterday I received a call that everything was ready and I needed to buy a battery from them, then I told them I'll pick up the battery because it is new and I'll be going to Land Rover to exchange it, The battery is also new.

The car started, and they told me that there was no leak or no heating up. then later, I received a call telling me that they need an additional to $2,500 to align the timing.

I need to know what should be included in a $3,000 engine installation, and i also need to know how long and how much to align timing on an L494 (3.0L, 6 Cyl)

Your help, knowledge, and data sheet on timing will be greatly appreciated.