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Engine light, no start, flashing interior and exterior lights with clicking.

Hi Everyone. I have a 2011 RR Sport Supercharged 5.0. I did an oil change last week and my engine light came on as I was driving today. I pulled over and decided to check the oil on the instrument panel and it read “Unavailable”. I drove it home and did a google search and found a way to bypass this “Unavailable” message by opening the hood and the driver’s side door and then pressing the CAN button on the cruise control twice after selecting the oil level on the dash. It worked and my oil level read “max”. After that things went downhill quickly. I decided to disconnect the negative on the battery to see if the “Unavailable” message went away but it didn’t. When I tried to start the vehicle I received several error messages beginning with an ABS error, traction control error, etc. and everything essentially locked-up. Now I have a constant clicking sound with flashing interior and exterior lights and a no start condition. The only way to get this to stop was to disconnect the battery. I put a volt meter on the battery and it read 6.5V, which I know is extremely low. I’m surprised the lights were able to flash with the voltage that low. Does anyone have any ideas on what could be wrong? Did I make a huge mistake by bypassing the “Unavailable” message for the oil? Did the engine light come on due to low battery voltage while I was driving? Could that battery be good but possibly have drained due to my attempts to start and all of the flashing lights? (I charged it this morning and it seems to be holding 12.7V inside the house) Also, I did remove fuse #17 for one minute as I read that this could cure the no-start issue. Thanks very much for any help you could provide!

- Gary