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2016 Range Rover Td6 Diesel Long-Term Road Test Update


As winter hangs over our Ann Arbor, Michigan, headquarters, our long-term Range Rover has bucked the usual seasonal slowdown in mileage accumulation, so we're rapidly closing in on our 40,000-mile test goal. Credit the full-size SUV's winter-conquering features, from its toasty heated seats and no-gloves-required heated steering wheel to its all-wheel-drive traction and the Pirelli Scorpion winter tires we fitted back in December. (Recent unseasonably warm weather has helped, too.)

Staff members who lack garages appreciate the Range Rover's heated windshield, which makes snow and ice simply melt off of the tall, gigantic windscreen. The alternative, of course, is to wield a (preferably extendable) snow brush like a peasant who has no business owning a Range Rover.

In fine Michigan tradition, the roads are slowly disintegrating as spring approaches. We're happy that we exercised restraint when ordering our Rover with the base 20-inch wheels and their relatively tall-sidewall tires. Had we splurged on fancier, larger-diameter rims with their attendant thinner-profile tires, we surely would have bent a wheel or bubbled a sidewall by now. As it is, the Rover glides over even the gnarliest potholes and cracks.

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