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Range Rover Sport gear box fault

Hey seeking some advice/clues. We have a Range Rover sport and having the following issues wife has described when driving.

Gear box fault is appearing intermittently.

Gear box fault not appearing when car has been settled/cooled for a couple of hours or more. I.e generally when starting it up for the first time in the day.

When car has been warmed and driven and then parked and turned off and then restarted within approx half hour, the gear box fault does not appear.

Gearbox fault is appearing when the car has been warmed and driven and then parked for 1-2 hours and then restarted.

If gear box fault appears I have had experience where the gears won't shift out of park. Other times it will but is clunky. Or when putting in drive them back to park

When the problem first occurred I had driven approx 15kms put car in reverse the gear box clunked and gearbox fault light came on. I parked for about an hour and when restarting car the gearbox fault appeared. Car drove slowly in limp mode 15kms home not exceeding 3rd gear.

Other unusual happenings recently prior to first fault occurring.
Car was used as a jump starter by random when wife driving and the bloke likely didn’t put black red in right order

Aircon stopped working about 1 week before first fault occurring and re-gassed in 2022.

work I have done on the car:
1. Fluid change and level check on transmission without replacing filter

2. Motor oil / filter change

3. checked fuse from number 57 vanity mirror all ok

4. Cleared codes and only code remaining P007A-17 intake temp sensor. Cleaned and reconnected sensor . Was disconnected before

5. main wiring harness plug removed and cleaned. Not bad/dirty

6. degreased

Any advice or referral to good Range Rover mechanic in WA?