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P400e not happy.

This is my first PHEV.....Had the car for a year. I really liked how quiet it was and during the test drive overlooked some of the electronics issues thinking I would get used to it. Regret has set in at this point. Bought the car with 18,000 miles and is still under warranty until August 2024.

Here's my update:

1. Braking issue. Took it to the dealer twice for this issue, they reproduced the problem and admitted it was a major issue said it was software which I knew was bullshit.....the brakes engage on their own when at low speeds after selecting drive and reverse. One time it even engaged when I was going almost 10 miles an hour. Then when you're in reverse or in drive your foot is off the break the car does not move and the brakes are still engaged even though you're not touching the brake. So you have to tap the gas and then the car lurches forward because you have to press it kind of hard to get it to move. This is literally a major hazard. They updated the software and it's still does the same thing. If I end up hitting someone or killing someone due to this issue, I will be lawyered up. I've taken the car in three times now for this issue....there's no way this is normal. There is some problem with the regenerative braking that they cannot diagnose and fully fix.

2. All of the electronics are incredibly laggy, it is embarrassing. Menus are completely not intuitive. You'll get in a car accident trying to access your menus. Cursor dances around and wont select and skip past what you are looking for......wth? Ive owned 4 range rovers and this is horrible. Whoever is designing this shit needs to take a master class from Audi because what's going on with the electronics in this car is truly embarrassing to the brand.

3. Brought the car home from the dealer yesterday after an oil change and was on the highway... overheat light came on and told me to pull over immediately. I then spent 20 minutes trying to find the temp gauge in the sub menus....guess what....IT DOESN'T FORKING EXIST ON ANY MENU!!! So you are telling me....RR has now decided i cant see or have any indication/gauge of how hot the engine is. Forking retards designing this.

4. Seats have a mind of their own. You press the memory button you just saved 4 times.... then it finally decides to move.

5. Apple/google keeps disconnecting/reconnecting every 15 minutes. Its not my cable. It's like it does it on purpose to mess with you.... so you use their navigation instead of the one on your phone.....Its glitchy. And good luck using Spotify or any app with Android auto it is so counterintuitive sometimes the radio comes on sometimes your Bluetooth comes on it is such a chore to get your music going.

6. EV button doensnt work. Engine switches on all the time regardless of % battery remaining, even if full. Why even have an EV button?

7. Charging software is odd. Sometimes I'll be at 100% and it'll say 21 miles. Sometimes it'll say 100% and it'll be at 30 miles. It's inconsistent and realistically if driving with no air conditioning and very conservatively, I think you get about 20 mi total in EV ......very far from the advertised amount.

8. Another gripe is why isn't the information shown on the dash like the rate of charge, the amps, the volts, etc?..... that way we know how quickly the car is planned to charge. It's like they don't want you to know shit about your car and about how it's working.

9. The door detents do not hold the weight of the door, they do not stay open ....you're constantly closing it on your leg as you're getting out of the car. I'm in Florida, I'm not on a hill, it's just weak and won't hold the momentum weight of the door so it keeps closing.

10. Gas door is a pain in the arss. The car is unlocked, you get out of the car walk around to fill the tank and the gas tank is locked. So you walk around press the button to open the gas tank and because the car is not "running" you think it's unlocked but it's still locked so you have to physically press the unlock button on your key and then press the gas tank door button and then it will finally unlock. Completely flocking annoying. I would literally kick someone in the nuts, repeatedly, for designing this like this.

11. Hey let's keep going because I've got all day. The ventilated seats work but you can barely feel any airflow. Living in Florida you really value ventilated seats. I would really like to see a much wider range between the low and the high setting, because the high setting should be the low setting....it's barely even noticeable that it's on.

I blame myself, I really should have spent a lot more quality time with this vehicle before I purchased it. If I had spent some time I know I would never have bought this car. It's really sad what a downward turn they've taken. If you want top dollar for your car it needs to be a top dollar car and right now it's simply not a top dollar car.

If the comfort and the ride wasn't so amazing I would walk away from range Rover permanently over this car. The execution of the engineering is so bad I can't even tell you how disappointed I am. Genuinely looking at other options for the first time in a long time.