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Multiple Faults


New member
Hi folks
My 2017 Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic dashboard lit up like a Christmas threw up 11 faults today :(

1.ABS Fault
2.Stability Control Not Available Drive With Care
3.AEB Not Available
4.Forward Alert Not Available
5.Adaptive Dynamics Fault
6.HDC Not Available System Fault
7.APTC Not Available
8.Emergency Brake Assist Not Available
9.SOS System Limited Functionality

It also feels like the power steering has failed & I’m unable to raise / lower the vehicle height anymore.
The car is still in it’s Approved Used warranty, but it’s already had 3 trips to the shop over the last 11 months for an accessory drive belt & pulley to be replaced, a new drivers seat control unit and a repeated grinding in the steering wheel that they just don’t seem to be able to fix.
Worried I have a dud on my hands…