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L322 Leak from roof line

Good afternoon.
I need help if it possible, My Veh is a much loved RR 2002 L3222.
I have water entering from the roof line somewhere.
I do not think it is from the sunroof as I taped all round the roof glass to the bodywork.
I do not think from windscreen, although there appears to be a small area that could be the cause but I also taped that up.
At the moment the RR is parked NS F wheel sloping down. The NS F WS inside post got awfully wet.
If I park the other way around i.e. OS R wheel sloping down, then the NS R door lets out a gush of water whenever it is opened. Door holes quite clear.
If I open the upper tail gate there is a rush of water from the top of the tailgate which runs through the gully quite normally.
Although I am 80 I am an ex Aircrft Eng and reasonably active.
Any help please.