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Blowout and alloy crack!


New member
Turns out my recently bought RRS 2007 4.2 V8 SC has a cracked alloy that had a poor repair attempt which resulted in me getting a blowout on way to Manchester from London...thankfully controllable!

I bought a second hand tyre so I could get home but found the crack during replacement. It had been repaired with some gummy type material. I figured I would keep pumping up the tyre on way to London and get a proper repair when home...NOPE!

Tyre letting out air really quickly from the crack so now can't even pump it...so I am considering my options...

1) get another wheel and tyre to replace cracked one then repair cracked one properly (welding!) and keep the new wheel as a spare

2) find somewhere to repair the crack here in Manchester then drive it to London

I see potential issues in that I am unsure if full size wheels will fit in the spare compartment...do they need to be a certain size to fit or can most wheels go under there?!

It is Sunday now so everywhere closed so can't call around repair places to see if anyone can even do it at short notice...and in order to repair I will need to remove the wheel myself and get it to the repair place, wherever that may be.

Main questions I have are...

- Shall I get a full size wheel and it will fit under the car as a spare after? (If not maybe eBay it)

- I have 22" alloys, can I use a different size spare safely for my journey to London, such as a 19" or 20"?

- Any advice for repairing current alloy? I am in Manchester so even better if you can recommend somewhere suitable!

Thanks for your time! :bow: