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4 Issues - (New to me) 2016 RRS Supercharged

Just picked up a used 2016 Range Rover Sport Supercharged and I'm curious to know of if anyone has experienced the following:
1. Satellite radio not registering whatsoever. Says no subscription. The signal is going to my car as per Sirius, but it does not register the signal.
2. I'm getting a Tire Sensor Monitor System error. The dealership says they put in new sensors, but it still comes up with the error and i cant't tell if there is good air pressure.
3. When I start up the vehicle, I get a coolant low error. There's definitely coolant in there, i've checked many times. There's nothing leaking, either. After the car has been on for a while, it shuts off.
4. There's a weird rattle when I accellerate, specifically up toward 30mph. When I floor it, i don't hear it.
Any suggestions? Do i bring it back to the dealer? I legit just got it 2 weeks ago.
Thanks a lot!!