So I’m another of the BMW/RR guys that has become an avid DIYer on the M62tu engine over the last 5-6 years. I’ve not really posted here yet since most of the work I’ve done has been engine related (alternator, coil pack, etc.) and I have all the engine info I could ever need from owning my 7-series. Sooner or later I knew I would make my way to this forum, and the time has finally come.

I parked my RR right before the deep freeze we had in December and when I went out to start it, the battery was dead. Long story short, new battery was added and fuel pump replacement just happened. While I had it apart and was waiting for another pump, my father decided to take out the battery. He then removed the shelf to repaint it (Yes, he HAD to paint it! Retirement problems....) and “clean” all the connections.

Now it won’t even turn over when I try to start it. A friend who works for RRLV thinks I may have to have the body control module and immobilizer reprogrammed? He’s in Vegas so I’m on my own.

Does this sound reasonable? I would like to exhaust all options before taking it to the dealer. I know once I get it there, I’ll be at their mercy since it won’t start. 2 tows and a diagnostic, and I’ll be out $400 with no answers and a 2 ton paperweight. Thanks in advance for any help or direction.

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