At Paris's classic car event Salon Retromobile 2017, Land Rover will be showcasing its first ‘Reborn' Range Rover.

Following the success of its Land Rover Defender program, whereby it takes dead or dying original Series One Land Rovers and restores them to a factory fresh standard for resale, it's about to broaden its reborn line to include the 1970-1981 Range Rover too.

Since the original Range Rover turned 40, it has started to gain momentum in the collector market. So much so that despite its simplicity and despite the fact that the company built thousands (so they're not rare), examples in good condition change hands for £50,000+ ($60,000).

And condition is the key as many of the early models really were used to climb every mountain and ford every stream, rather than conduct the school run.

So, to cater for this growing market of SUV collectors and to ensure that cars coming to market get the proper checks and provenance needed so that buyers can buy with confidence, Land Rover is to start resurrecting Range Rovers.

"Range Rover Reborn is another showcase of our dedicated in-house engineering expertise," said Tim Hannig, director, Jaguar Land Rover Classic. "It is a wonderful way to preserve the much sought after three-door original Range Rover from the 1970s, from period-correct colorways to interior trim and accessories."

And the first model, set to make its debut at Retromobile, is a Bahama Gold model from 1978 with a 3.5-liter V8, four-speed manual transmission and locking differential.

It has undergone a complete ground-up restoration and the finished car will retail for around £135,000 ($170,000/€160,000).

However, just like with a brand new Range Rover, prospective customers will be able to specify options and other details as long as they would have been available or possible between 1970 and 1981 when the SUV went from being a two-door to a four-door vehicle. But they'll have to be quick about it as the company only intends to rebuild 10 this year.

"It underscores our commitment to nurturing the rich heritage Land Rover, and is a rare opportunity for customers to own a valuable and genuinely collectible automotive icon," said Hannig.

Salon Retromobile 2017 runs February 8-12 in Paris.

Text Source: AFP Relax News